Natural Stone Cold Pressed Black Wheat Atta - Native-Organica

Hand Chakki Natural Stone Black Wheat Atta

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Our Atta is made in a traditional Vedic Chakki. 

1. Our flour is Truly Cold Pressed. No heating during production. Other Chakki's heat the flour to above 90 degree and hence burns the germ oil inside, bakes the flour and hence roti is harder 

2. We use a Natural Stone Chakki, just like our forefathers did for generations. Other Chakki's use Emery stone which is made from more than 20 chemicals. Our Chakki stone moves at 90 RPM and lasts 15 years as it does not touch each other, however, emery stone chakki moves at 300 RPM and the stone grinds itself and last 2 months. So, where did that emery stone powder went in your flour

The above process ensures that our flour / atta is:

1. 100% nutrition

2. ZERO Chemicals

3. Soft and Tasty food

We handle our food with utmost care in the most hygienic and clean setup to assure that you get the best quality wheat for your daily needs.