About Us

Native Organica is Gurgaon's own Organic foods company committed to Quality, Transparency and Customer Exprience

We have Live stations to produce Cold Pressed Flour (Atta), Cold Pressed Oils, Bilona A2 Gir Cow Ghee, Cold Pressed / Hand Pounded (Koote huye) Spices, Best Quality Whole Spices, Unpolised Desi Pulses produced and packed in the most hygienic facility. Most of our products are produced and packed in our store right in front of our customers.

We do our business in most "Native" way using the organic products and organic processes and that is why we proudly name ourselves as Native ORGANICA

Do come and see us at our store or view out story with videos on this website.

We intend to first educate you about right food, good food. You will buy when you understand the true story and so we do not focus on selling.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy !!!