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Cold Pressed Organic Sesame Oil - Native-Organica

Wood Pressed Sesame Oil

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Native Organica brings you a range of organic wood pressed oils produced In-House and On-Demand 7 days a week. 

Our Kachi Ghani is different from other brands as we use Wooden Pestle. Our Ghani does not pulverize Seeds/Kernels beyond recommended and thus gives round 1 oil and not round 2. Round 1 is good for human consumption and Round 2 is meant for cattle as per Ayurveda.

We believe in producing your oils through the traditional and most natural way. We use the only Best of Seeds/Kernels to produce oil.

We are committed to Zero-Waste Environment and we encourage our customers to bring their own containers and we further encourage this by offering a special price to our customers. 

Plastic bottles will release toxic chemicals in the oil and to guarantee that our customers get only 100% chemical free oils, we use Glass bottles only.

The key features of organic wood pressed oils are:-

1. No Cholesterol

2. No Chemicals

3. No Trans Fat

4. No Preservatives