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Wood Pressed Black Mustard Oil

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Native Organica brings you a range of organic wood pressed oils produced In-House. We produce our own oil as we believe outsourcing production has high probability of adulteration.  

Our Kachi Ghani is different from other brands as we use Wooden Pestle. Our Ghani does not pulverize Seeds/Kernels beyond recommended pressure and thus gives round 1 oil and not round 2. Round 1 is good for human consumption and Round 2 is meant for cattle as per Ayurveda.

We believe in producing your oils through the traditional and most natural way. We use the only Best of Seeds/Kernels to produce oil.

We are committed to Zero-Waste Environment and we encourage our customers to bring their own containers and we further encourage this by offering a special price to our customers. 

We do not use pressure filtration but allow natural sedimentation. This ensures that the characteristic of the oil remains unchanged.

Plastic bottles will release toxic chemicals in the oil and to guarantee that our customers get only 100% chemical free oils, we use Glass bottles only.

The key features of organic wood pressed oils are:-

1. No Cholesterol

2. No Chemicals

3. No Trans Fat

4. No Preservatives

You can get similar quality oil but not better than Native Organica Oils