Why is Cold pressed oil better for you?

Why Cold Pressed Oil is better for you? 

Oils are considered as one of the most essential ingredients in any Indian kitchen. From deep frying food to using them to garnish our salads, from snacks to sweets- we certainly need oil in our Indian dietary ecosystem.

Cold pressed oils might be a new concept to some, but originally they are as ancient as we can remember. The traditional approach uses nuts, seeds, and vegetables to draw out oil using steady pressure, because of this most of the nutrients and minerals are intact in oil. At Native Organica we follow the same ethnic process of extracting oil and use a Wooden Kacchi Ghani for our edible oils and a Natural Stone slow Chakki in shop for full transparency during the process.

But does this switch from your regular oil to cold pressed oil mean loosing taste and flavour in your food? Absolutely not! Through this blog we will help to educate you about cold pressed oils so that you can make this healthy switch.


In India, the cold pressed oils are also referred as “Kachi Ghani ka tel” or “Mara Chekku”. They tend to include all the essential elements, such as antioxidants, vitamins, lecithin, phospholipids, and proteins, which are beneficial to physiological growth and development. It is prepared by extracting and accumulating essential oils from natural bases by crushing, smashing or pressing them when they are raw. Therefore these oils are much healthier and more nutritious for our body as compared to any refined oil. 


It is important that the oil used for cooking is natural and free from harmful chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, sodium bicarbonate etc. Cold Pressed oils are organic and free from chemicals and other preservatives that are toxic for human body. However, in the market you might come across several varieties of oil that claim weight loss and have labels “Blanched”  or “Refined”. That actually means they are processed under high heat and pressure and are laden with chemicals.


Our Cold pressed cooking oils are chemical free, unblended and fully nutritious. It can be chosen as an alternative for regular oils, and in fact are best for foods that are cooked on a low/medium heat. They have the greatest smoking point which makes them perfect for deep frying too and preserves it beneficial characteristics.


  • It is always best to choose products that state "extra virgin" or "cold pressed" on their labels.
  • You can definitely increase it by refrigeration and transferring it to fully covered opaque bottles or containers.
  • Cold pressed and organic are not synonymous. Before purchasing via stores or if you want to buy organic cold press oil online, read the details carefully.
  • Ditching the regular refined oil may be harder for a short time span as we all have been consuming it for a long time but the ultimate benefit of switching is incomparable.


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