What is Cold Pressed Atta Flour

Cold Pressed Atta Flour is used very loosely used term by many brands, even the neighborhood Fresh Atta Chakki's.

The true form and as per Vedic definition, Cold Pressed Atta should have 2 qualities. First, it should be crushed in Natural Stone. Natural stone is the same stone that is used in traditional hand Chakki's used by our forefathers. Second, it should be made at low speed which means it must come out cold when grinding is done.

Two facts you should know about other Atta Chakki readymade Atta from super markets and Fresh Atta from neighborhood Chakki's. First, Atta is made in ultra high speed machines and heating or baking of Atta leads to burning or destruction of most of the nutrients. Second, they use man made Emery stone which has numerous chemicals. Harmful effects of Emery Stone are known to us. Other issues can be quality of grain, bran removal, other cheaper quality flour added to maintain the color and finally use of preservatives to prolong the shelf life.

Do learn more on what is written here. Validate and then decide what kind of Atta you want to eat.

Nothing more valuable than your health !

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