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New food trends emerge every other day and while there are some which are new to us, the others have already been a part of our lives as long as we all can remember. The word “Super food” is a part of the latter one even though it sounds alien to some of us. But what are Super Foods?

Super Foods are food products which are high on nutrition, energy, immunity and longevity. They are popular for providing maximum nutritive benefits with minimum amount of calories. The word “super” is used because the foods which fall under this category are high on one supplement like chia seeds are rich in fiber and honey is high in antioxidants.

The reason behind following this narrative of super foods can be credited to a couple of factors like lifestyle changes, awareness via social media and most importantly, people becoming more aware about their food choices post pandemic. Now whether it’s a tea time snack option or mid-day break meals, these super food come in quiet handy in form of bars, cookies etc.

However, it is extremely important that these food options are free from any kind of adulterations and that’s where we at Native Organica, come into role. Our primary aim is always to bring more and more products which are not only high in nutrition but free from any kind of chemicals or preservatives.  All our food products pass the global standards of verification and the team is committed to process everything under zero-waste environment.

We keep on bringing out newer daily usage products and supplements like various kinds of seeds, gulkand honey, cold pressed oils and ghee, which are no less than to be termed as “Super foods”. You can visit our website anytime to check out our range for affordable super foods.

How to choose the right super food for the body?

While aiming to maintain a healthy diet, the primary key should always be portion control. In the race to eat all things nice, we don't evaluate the requirements of these superfoods for health. Each body asks for different type of super foods. For example, the requirements of an athlete and a person doing full time job in office will always be polar apart. The bifurcation as per the requirement is as essential as the food itself.

Also, it’s not necessary to consume the products the way they are deemed to be. You can experiment and explore with different products in order to inculcate them in daily routine. Like, if you like to eat smoothie bowls in the morning, try incorporating honey instead of powdered sugar along with some chia seeds to add that crunch and extra fiber.

Thus,  including super food in your regular diet can load your meals with more nutrition and antioxidants properties. These super foods are boon to our digestive and immune system. So Let’s make this conscious choices together. Happy eating!

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