Healthy Eating Habits


There is one famous adage - You  are what you eat.  The type of food you consume definitely has a big impact but how you consume it is equally important. Small changes in your everyday eating habits can lead to incredible results that you have never imagined. 

What you should eat, in what posture you should sit while eating, and what time should you eat are few things that are completely ignored today. Making major changes can sometime be too overwhelming, so lets start with few smaller ones:

       1. Stay hydrated, not saturated

It may seem too simple but water is the elixir of life. Remember to skip the sugar-saturated drinks that can increase the risks of obesity or cardiovascular diseases aside. Instead, opt for simple water or 100% fruit juice!

       2. Don’t talk, stay focussed

It’s simple, all we have to do is just focus on our food, enjoy it and eat quietly. 

Because, if you talk while eating, your throat is trying to do two things at the same time. And if we talk while eating, the food may enter windpipe which may cause violent coughing. We don’t want that, right?

       3. Be salty, don't eat it

While the right amount of salt is what adds flavour and taste to your favourite dishes, be careful of how much of it you consume. The increased salt content can increase the risk of hypertension. Instead, rely on herbs and authentic spices to achieve the same flavour, and enjoy! 

       4. Break your fast every day. 

If you're one of the people who rush to school, college or work without a single thought, hit the pause button! Cook a simple breakfast to get your body and mind ready for the hectic day ahead. 

        5. Slow and steady wins the nutrition race 

Eating in a slow and paced manner has been consistently linked to conscious eating. Let your body embrace the taste and nutrients of the meal. Pay attention to recognising the "full" signal of your body for mindful eating.

Adopting a health-conscious lifestyle does not happen overnight, it simply needs mindful habits one day at a time! So, lean on these 5 healthy eating tips for 21 days and start your journey to embrace health and life today!

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