SUGAR: Is it Really Bad for You?

From our regular morning tea to midnight cravings, sugar is a part of our daily life. We have heard people around us telling to stop taking sugar or experts suggesting go sugar-free. But the question we need to ask ourselves “Is sugar really bad for us?” 

Well, sugar is present in all kind of food - from raw fruits to packed juices, even in the most unexpected food items such as peanut butter. There are two types of sugar - natural sugar found in fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy products, and refined sugar present in processed  foods. Most of the packed food, juices and carbonated drinks are high in refined sugar.

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According to the American Heart Association (AHA), a healthy adult can consume up to 1-2 tbsp of sugar per day. When you consume fruits, vegetables and dairy products there is no need to worry about the intake of natural sugar until you keep a check on your total calorie count. It is the refined sugar which has no benefit but can do harm when consumed in excess. Constantly flooding your body with refined sugar can lead to high blood pressure and chronic inflammation and possibly heart diseases. Furthermore, intake of too much refined sugar can cause cavities and tooth decay 

So what are the alternatives?

Before looking at alternatives, let’s start  with getting the information. Read the nutrition labels at the back of each product before making a  purchase. 

Secondly log the food intake with the help of food tracking apps and gradually cut down on your added sugar. 

Lastly, substitute refined sugar with natural and organic options such as desi Khand, jaggery, dates etc. These are chemical free options and their nutrients are retained which makes it safe to consume. In fact, desi Khand is one of the best sugar alternatives, as it is rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium and easily be used with tea or coffee.

The Bottom Line

For a healthy life, it is absolutely necessary to cut down refined sugar from diet. Start by understanding how much sugar you consume each day then cut out foods and drinks with a lot of refined sugar. Add more fruits, vegetables and dairy products in diet as they are good source of natural sugar.

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