Cooking Tips: 5 tips and tricks to make everyday meal healthy


cooking tips


Tips to cook healthy food

 Here’s the question; Are Salads healthy? What if you add some extra cheese and sauce? Should you add chicken or cottage cheese?

All these questions guide us to follow healthy eating habits, but healthy eating is not just what you cook, but how you cook.

There are no standard guidelines for best healthy cooking practices, but here we are going to share some tips that could improve our family cooking habits.

 Here are basic 5 tips that can make your meal healthier, no matter what you cook;

1. Cook seasonal foods - All seasons bring with them a wide variety of fruits and vegetables which you can include in your diet. These ingredients are grown much more organically since they don’t require an extra set of preservatives and chemicals to grow. They are also cheaper for your pocket!

 2. Chop your veggies - If you are used to cutting your vegetables an hour before you cook them, you might be wasting a host of nutrients! Cut your vegetables into larger chunks and cook them immediately to preserve their nutritional value. Eating raw vegetables can also increase your intake of anti-nutrients. So, remember to cook them before you eat.

 3. Don't reuse the same oil- If you grew up in an Indian household, you know the importance of reusing all your material but this must not include frying oils. This small mistake can cause inflammation diseases including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. You can also use organic cold-pressed oils, which cook your meals thoroughly at a lower temperature. Try the range at Native Organica at an affordable price.

4. Reduce your use of cream-based sauces- Using cream sauces to increase the flavor of your food can also lead to a hike in calories. Adding them to your salads can reduce the nutritional value and make your greens a lot less healthy. Instead, try herbs and spices to increase the taste.

 5. Switch up your protein - While it is important to include protein in your diet, you must also focus on questions of which and how? Fill up your plate with different types of whole proteins i.e in addition to lean meats and eggs, use other sources such as paneer, soya chunks, and chickpea to eat a balanced diet and focus on the holistic well-being of the body.

 Health is not a short run; it is a marathon but every journey begins with a single step. So, try cooking nutritious foods in healthy ways to see your body become more energetic, active and lively.

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