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Conscious Eating Habits

Are you a quick eater and end up eating more than required? Or Are you someone who feels uncomfortably full after eating anything? Small practices with an intention to consciously eat that is best for our body is all we need. But before this we need to understand that everyone’s body is different so its really important to be mindful about what you eat as no one diet suits everyone.

Conscious eating or mindful eating for your health is a practice that can help you gain control over your food habits. To practice this concept religiously, one needs to be selfless while picking and choosing the food.

But! what are the benefits of mindful eating?  How can we improvise these habits through atomic steps? To know the answers, keep reading..

  1. Switch it off! And don’t multitask

Switch off everything which distracts you whenever you take a bite. Either it’s your mobile phone, your laptop, any playback sound or anything else which disrupts the flow. The more you multitask while eating, the less likely you are to be aware of how much you eat or when your stomach is signalling you that it's time to stop. Rather, take in the flavours, pay attention, and stop when your body tells you to. This way you will enjoy your food more and eat what is required.

  1. Put the plate down between the bites

This is one such thing which most of us don’t follow and were never even told to. Whenever we eat something tasty, we keep craving for more of it and keep on automatically loading the next bite before we properly chew the previous one. The simple alternative to this is to leave the fork/spoon from the hand when chewing and focus on what you eat at the moment.

  1. Small portions

People usually complain about not being able to eat more than once and one of the primary reasons is portion sizing. It is also advised by medical researchers to keep plate sizing small and instead of eating everything at once, eat on regular intervals of time. This increases metabolism and digestion power leading to more energy generation and ultimately, better health. Thus, we, at Native Organica, are focused on bringing organic and healthy snacks like multi millet chikkis, almonds pops and foxtail cookies to support this notion for healthy munching in small portions.

  1. Chew, chew and chew more!

We always try to compensate our eating time to be more productive and save some time but in reality, we are deteriorating the health. When we consume bigger chunks, the metabolic rate of body slows down and internal system has to complete the job we left in between. The simplest solution to this is to chew properly so that our internal organs focus more on digestion.

  1. Be grateful

Unpopular opinion but we strongly believe that being thankful for something increases its value exponentially. A little bit of gratitude has the power to make us feel happier and healthier. Whereas, taking it for granted easily slips the entire process into nothing but mindless eating only.

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